Upcoming Hearing on Suit Against City For Fining Right 2 Dream Too

In December 2012, the owners and tenants of the Right 2 Dream Too homeless camp in downtown Portland filed suit against the City of Portland with the help of Mark Kramer, a member of the Portland NLG. Right 2 Dream opened on a plot of vacant land at the corner of Northwest Fourth Avenue and Burnside last year, with the permission of the property owners. Approximately 80 to 100 homeless people take shelter at Right 2 Dream Too.

The City has fined the property owners $1,346 per month for violating recreational campground codes. The lawsuit alleges that the City unfairly designated Right 2 Dream Too as a recreational campground and asks that the City treat it like Dignity Village, a transitional housing site in Northeast Portland that isn’t subject to the same standards as a “recreational” site. State law allows two such sites in each city.

On Thursday, July 11, there will be a hearing at the Multnomah County Courthouse on the City of Portland’s motion to dismiss the suit. There will be a rally on the courthouse steps at 8:15am, followed by the hearing, at 9:00am, in Judge Immergut’s courtroom.


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