Become a Legal Observer & Support Occupy Portland

Occupy Portland is a nonviolent movement to hold the United States government accountable. 

It will begin on  Oct. 6th at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park.  For more information, go to

To adequately support Occupy Portland, there will be two LO trainings in the next two days: 

The first will be October 6th, directly before the Occupy Portland rally, at 11am at the north-end of Waterfront Park. This training will not train people to be NLG LOs, and will be geared towards LOs tied more intimately to Occupy Portland. 
The second will be Friday at 5pm at the Portland Law Collective (1130 SW Morrison, Ste. 407). This training will “certify” people as NLG LOs
Occupy Portland may go on indefinitely. Ideally, at least two NLG LOs will be present at all times for the duration of the occupation. Occupy Portland has its own group of legal observers, but it is imperative that NLG LOs also maintain a presence. Our recognizable green hats and the reputation of the NLG will likely deter police from infringing on protesters’ rights.Contact Jamie if you are interested in becoming a legal observer and providing support for Occupy Portland, call 503-092-5340.
The Portland NLG is also hosting Know Your Rights Trainings and providing criminal defense for people arrested for Occupy Portland activity.

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