Budget Rally

Rally for a Better Way for Oregon

As Oregon grapples with a $3.4 billion revenue shortfall that threatens schools, health and human services and public safety — the public structures that nurture a strong middle class and protect the vulnerable among us — politicians appear bent on a cuts-only approach. Inexplicably, few lawmakers talk about the need to raise revenue to address our revenue shortfall, and some even wish to grant yet more tax loopholes and subsidies to corporations and the rich.
That’s why OCPP supports the Rally for a Better Way for Oregon. Organized by SEIU 503 and backed by dozens of labor and community groups, the rally will bring together Oregonians from across the state to the steps of the State Capitol building. We will be standing up for fairness, asking our elected leaders to take a balanced approach to balancing the budget.
What:  Rally for A Better Way for Oregon
Date:   Friday, May 20, 11:30 a.m.
Place:  Front steps of the State Capitol, Salem
SEIU is providing transportation to the rally from cities and towns across the state. To secure your seat in one of the buses, please click here.

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