Working Families Party and Barbara Dudley’s Birthday and Fundraiser

Sunday, Feb. 20, 2011
6 pm – Late
At Holocene
(1001 SE Morrison St., PORTLAND)

Meet Barbara Dudley.

She is the co-chair of the Oregon Working Families Party, and five years ago she (and a bunch of other folks) had an idea…what if we started an independent, grassroots political party focussed on bread and butter economic issues, as well as holding the other parties accountable to the concerns of working people?  Not a bad idea, right?

Five years ago…

Five years ago, for her birthday, Barbara held a kick-off fundraiser for the Working Families Party and the Party was born. In that time we have successfully reformed Oregon’s election system by helping to pass “fusion voting” in the 2009 legislature.  Now, in 2011, the legislature is seriously considering a WFP proposal to create the Oregon State Bank.

And to hear State Treasurer Ted Wheeler tell it in a recent radio inteview, it is thanks to the hard work of the Working Families Party that the Oregon State Bank is now moving forward.

We are turning five.  Join us to celebrate!

Now Barbara is holding another birthday party…for herself, and for the WFP.  You are invited to join us.

We will be fundraising for the Party, of course, but we will also be having a great time.  Barbara has paid a DJ, ordered food, and invited everyone to come.  If you have never met Barbara, don’t worry…this will be your chance.  If you support the Working Families Party and you want to help us set the course for the next five years you are invited to join us:
Can’t come?  Still want to help?

We know that many of you can’t make it  to Portland.  However, the WFP thrives on the grassroots financial support from people like you all over the state, so if you still want to help us out (and send Barbara a little love) there are two way you can make a financial contribution:

  1. Sign up to become a monthly sustainer. A small, monthly contribution to the WFP can go a long way, and we won’t waste a penny!  (Don’t forget to mark that you are making a recurring donation.)
  2. Click here to sign the “political party check-off” pledge. You can give to the WFP when you are doing your taxes.  The “political party check-off” is easy to do. On your Oregon Income Tax Form (Form 40) just find your way to Line 70, follow the easy instructions, and you’re all set. (FYI, “507” is the code for the Working Families Party.)  Please take advantage of the moment and direct $3 to your favorite grassroots political party!

Thanks, and hope to see you on the 20th!


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