Portland NLG Successfully Advocates for Independent Police Review Appellant

The Portland NLG advocated for an appellant, for the first time, in the Independent Police Review (IPR)/Citizen Review Committee (CRC) process on February 17, 2010. Prior to this hearing, appellants were entitled to an advocate to assist with the process, but had to find one on their own. Dan Handelman and Regina Hannon from Copwatch and Debbie Aiona from League of Women Voters collaborated with local attorneys Ashlee Albies, Mark Kramer and law student Logan Perkins to contact the IPR/CRC and develop a strategy to help complainants prepare their appeals. At the end of yesterday’s meeting, the CRC approved giving potential appellants the NLG’s contact information in case they’d like assistance with the appeal.

Logan Perkins was outstanding as an advocate during the CRC hearing for Frank Waterhouse, with Ben Haile as supervising attorney. Logan successfully convinced the CRC to overturn IPR findings that condoned the use of a Taser on Waterhouse by Officer Frashour. The CRC members gave great statements on why they thought that use of force was unjustified.

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