PRESS RELEASE: Federal Jury Found Officer Frashour to Have Committed Civil Rights Violations Involving Similar Misconduct

February 12, 2010

Officer Frashour’s Fatal Shooting of Aaron Campbell Should Not Be a Surprise to the City or to the Public.  In September of 2009, A Federal Jury Found Frashour to Have Committed Civil Rights Violations Involving Similar Misconduct.

(Portland) – Neither the Portland Police Bureau, nor the City of Portland, nor the public should be surprised about Officer Frashour’s fatal shooting of Aaron Campbell.  Unfortunately, Frashour’s decisions and police polices have previously led to the inappropriate use of force by Frashour.

On September 18, 2010, a federal jury found that Frashour had violated the civil rights of Mr. Frank Waterhouse in an incident involving similar misconduct.  In the Waterhouse case, Frashour unlawfully shot Mr. Waterhouse with a taser at the same time that another officer shot Mr. Waterhouse with a beanbag shotgun.  Frashour did not properly warn Mr. Waterhouse prior to shooting him with the taser.  The incident resulted in a jury verdict in favor of Waterhouse.

Portland civil rights attorney and National Lawyers Guild member, Mr. Benjamin Haile represented Mr. Waterhouse in the successful civil rights trial.  Mr. Haile states:

“Frashour’s shooting of Campbell is remarkably similar to his ‘tasing’ of Mr. Waterhouse.  In both cases, Frashour justified his actions as being reasonable in light of officer safety concerns.  In both cases, Officer Frashour did not properly coordinate his actions with the other police officers present.  In both cases, other officers were taking actions to incapacitate the victim at the same time that Officer Frashour pulled the trigger.  Like the grand jury, I am mostly concerned about the City of Portland’s failure to properly train and lead its officers.  Both incidents could have been avoided.

“I extend my condolences to the Campbell family.  I’m glad that Frashour did not have a rifle when he attacked Mr. Waterhouse.  Otherwise, I fear that Mr. Waterhouse would have been killed like Mr. Campbell.  Portland police training policies and use of force policies need to be seriously overhauled.”

(Mr. Haile can be reached by email at and at the Portland Law Collective office at 503-228-1889.)


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